Sunday, November 26, 2006

CodeMash Session List Is Close to Finalized!

We’ve been working tremendously hard on lining up sessions for CodeMash and we’ve got a pretty amazing list of sessions so far.  We’ve had something close to 100 submissions and have winnowed them down to around 30 so far.  We’re leaving some room for expansion since the submission deadline is November 30th, but we wanted to get content up on the site to show how great this conference is going to be!

In case you’ve just started reading this blog, let me recap what CodeMash is all about:  CodeMash is a community-driven, non-profit conference for software developers being held 18–19 January, 2007. It’s a cross-platform, cross-language conference meant to bring together folks from a wide range of software development communities.  The energy and knowledge transfer that happens at such events is really pretty staggering, which is why we’re so excited about CodeMash.

As a side note, I went to SD West in 2004 and it was a life-altering experience.  Seriously.  I got to hear folks like Josh Holmes, Steve McConnell, Elliotte Rusty Harold, Alan Holub, Scott Meyers, Michelle Leroux Bustamante, and a bunch of other amazing folks from a lot of different knowledge domains.  It was a completely transforming experience that was directly responsible for me completely changing the course of my career.  I’m not saying that CodeMash will be the same thing for you, but I can certainly hope it is!

Back to CodeMash.  We’ve got technical content from Gadgets in Vista to EJB3.  (That’s Java stuff for you .NET folks.  Duh.)  We’ve got methodology stuff from Test Driven Development in Python to Lean Software Development.  We’ve got platform agnostic stuff from Open Source Test Tools (by, cough cough, yours truely) to The Productive Programmer.

Looking for stellar, industry-leading speakers?  How about keynotes from Scott Guthrie of Microsoft, Neal Ford of ThoughtWorks, and Bruce Eckel of Mind View?  Still not good enough?  How about hearing Mary Poppendeick, Jason Gilmore, Bill Wagner, Chris Judd, or Jay Pipes present sessions?

Still not good enough?  How about some of these session offerings:

  • Building and Deploying Smart Clients with Visual Studio 2005
  • Building Enterprise Smart Clients using a Services Oriented Architecture
  • The Productive Programmer
  • Ruby on Rails for Java Developers
  • Real World Continuous Integration
  • Let NHibernate Be Your Data Layer
  • SOA as a Conversation
  • A Tale of Two Web Toolkits: TurboGears and the GWT
  • Selenium radically simplifies testing Websites!
  • Ruby on Rails for Java Developers
  • What makes Rails possible: an introduction to the Ruby language
  • Lean Software Development
  • Introduction to Ajax
  • Beyond TDD: Exploring the benefits beyond testing.
  • JRuby - Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!
  • Curry Favor with Closures: An introduction to Functional Programming with C# and VB.NET

Perhaps one of the neatest things about the conference is its venue: the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio.  The Kalahari has great rooms, a great venue, and an indoor water park to boot!  (You can see photos of the Kalhari at my Flickr site.)  The Kalahri’s also given us a tremendous break on rooms: $88 per night.

This conference is going to be terrific, and I hope you’ll register now.  It’s going to be a terrific event!

(Also, please consider passing on word of our sponsorship opportunities — companies will have a great chance to reach out to a pretty unique group of motivated geeks!)

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