Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Woes of Good Espresso

My flow during the day isn’t found in software development; development flow time is usually an hour or two late at night after the family’s asleep and I can work on getting into the coding zone.

My flow time during the day is found in the few moments where I can concetrate on pulling a shot of espresso.  I don’t count myself as a great barista, but I think I pull a consistently good shot.  There’s something flow-like about getting a shot just right: getting the equipment properly prepped, dosing out the right amount of beans, tamping the grounds just right (surprisingly difficult and very critical to the process), getting the temperature/time surfing down, and finally seeing the reward as espresso of a liquid honey texture drips out the spouts of my machine.  All this will sound absolutely nuts to readers who don’t care about espresso; just take away from this that I really enjoy this short time during the day where I can focus on doing one thing pretty well.

Why the “Woes” in the post title?  Because my two kids who have developed quite an affinity for my shots.  All my work results in… not much espresso left for me.  I’m lucky to have one sip left after my 16 month old son slurps up the crema and when I can get the demitasse back my five year old daughter.


Still, there are a lot worse things in life than to have to share one’s espresso with kids who enjoy their small bit…

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