Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Building the Case For Moving to .NET 2.0 / VS2005

I find it interesting that few folks in our .NET Developers Group are even evaluating Visual Studio 2005 or the .NET 2.0 Framework for adoption of the IDE or Framework.  Adoption of new technologies in a larger company isn’t (and shouldn’t be!) a trivial matter.  Companies need to figure out the cost/benefit of such a move; it’s a business after all, and as much as we’d like to, we can’t always head off into a new area just because it’s cool.

I’ve been doing a very small bit of work looking around for articles talking about productivity gains from moving to the next generation of Visual Studio, the .NET Framework, or SQL Server.  I haven’t been working that hard at researching, but Jason Haley’s Interesting Finds pointed out this series of Case Studies.  I looked at a few of them and found them interesting, but they’re Microsoft marketing kool-aid rah rah BS, so read them with several large grains of salt.

I’d love to come across non-marketing bullcrap articles from IT folks on the benefits (or bad impacts!) they’ve found from moving to VS2005, SQL2005, or the 2.0 Framework in general.

Please pass on any links or experiences you’ve had yourself.  All this may eventually find its way into an article over at where I post a weekly clip on odds and ends.

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Anonymous said...

If you find some that are not just marketing, I too would be interested.

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