Monday, December 19, 2005

Reading: Peopleware

One of our DevGroup’s members gave me an extra copy of DeMaro’s and Lister’s Peopleware. I’ve had it on my reading list for quite some time and was happy to get my mitts on a copy.  (Thanks, Steve!) 

I just finished reading it and it’s wonderful stuff.  The book is formed by a bunch of short articles about particular aspects of how to form a productive, nourishing environment for your creative engineers.  It’s easy reading with a lot of head nodder momements.

The book is also discouraging in some aspects — many of the sheerely stupid ways management treats their folks haven’t changed at all since the book was written in 1987.  Thankfully, while there are plenty of horror/war stories throughout the book, it’s much more focused on the positive things which can be done to foister a great environment where good workers want to gather and get great things done.

It’s only about 180 pages long, and can most likely be gotten from your local or regional library system — but it’s such a great book that you might think about adding it to your library.

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