Friday, December 09, 2005

Possible Firefox Exploit

A lot of hay has been made in the past about how secure Firefox was -- and then such claims rapidly fell off as more folks took a harder look at the browser.  Here's another potential exploit, this one for the recently released version 1.5.  Funny how this topic pops up more and more as Firefox’s user base increases…

One of the biggest problems I had with Just Say No To Microsoft was author Tony Bove’s calling non-Microsoft products more secure while brushing over the fundamental concept that such products don’t have the user base Microsoft’s products do.  Bad Guys aren’t interested in doing Really Bad Things to software used only by a small percentage of folks.

(via Slashdot)

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Jason F. said...

Well, it's open source, right? Isn't that naturally more secure because you can just change the code yourself and recompile???

"Now, Grandma, I need you to change line 4433 so that it reads 'if (iSomeObnoxiousName == 0x22ab32) return __TRUE;'.... No, the 'if' cannot start with a capital letter.... I know it's the first word of the line, but it's not really a sentence... There are two underscores in the 'TRUE'.... An underscore is the shift-minus sign.... Ok, now save the file so we can run config and make... Compile error? What does the message say?"

Jim Holmes said...

Heh. Ain't that the truth!

Some years back I thought about moving my Dad over to Linux. That lasted for about two seconds until I considered how hard a time I already have with telephone support for him.

Open source is great, just not for everyone. :D

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