Saturday, February 16, 2008

Shout Out: Looking for IoC/DI References

I had a reader contact me asking if I knew any good books on Inversion of Control/Dependency Injection.  I don’t, so I thought I’d see if any of you readers knew good reading materials on IoC/DI.

Don’t limit yourselves to books — I’d love to see what blogs or other reading material you’ve found useful for IoC/DI.  Also, don’t limit it to .NET stuff.  I’d be happy to get good content references regardless of language!


Scott Walker said...

Here's my collection of links on the topic...

Steven Harman said...

I didn't fully grok IoC containers (which make DI usable in real applications) until I just started playing with them. You could take a look at the CodeCampServer or MVCContrib projects to get some examples of to use them.

Joe Wirtley said...

Of course there's the Martin Fowler article, which is rather theoretical.

I've recently started using Windsor and there's an absolutely stellar series of articles on Windsor here. This is a series of four articles that begins assuming you know nothing about dependency injection and is an excellent introduction to DI and Windsor.

David Dossot said...

What? Not yet a comment to brag about Spring Framework?

OK, it's easy for me to mention it, as I am also a Java developer, and it is impossible to ignore how Spring has renewed and refreshed the way applications are developed on the JEE platform ;-)

Anyway, here is DI with Spring.NET.

Jim Holmes said...

Great pointers, all!

@Joe: I'd read early versions of the Windsor stuff when working on my book and completely forgot 'em. Thanks!

@David: I meant to specifically give a shout out to Spring and Spring.NET when writing the blogpost. Thanks for closing that gap!

sillyevar said...

I can't think of a need for a paper book on IoC/DI. It just isn't that big or complex of a topic.

The reason it is talked about so much is because it bring so much power to the party, and because not enough people are using it.

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