Thursday, February 07, 2008

Handy Home Office Gadgets

Two gadgets that have been very, VERY handy for me lately: a label printer and a sheet scanner.

The Visioneer Strobe Xp 220 lets me scan entire pages on one swell foop.  It's fast, and its one-click scan software is a thing of beauty.  The Visioneer, coupled with PDFCreator, lets me quickly make PDF images of contracts, documentation (feh!), and various other multi-page documents. For rapidly scanning in multiple pages it's head and shoulders over the ScanJet 6200c flatbed scanner I use for other tasks. 

Next cool toy: the Dymo LabelWriter 400.  Slick, easy to use, and fast.  It spit out 100+ mailing labels for Christmas cards in just over a minute.  Tie this printer together with mail merge and you're sitting very, very pretty.  The included software makes merges with Access or Excel very easy, and it's also simple to do one-off labels.  (There's a Turbo model with which I have no experience, but if it's got a turbo then it must be better.)

Both these gadgets are pretty inexpensive and have gotten a LOT of use around here.  I thought I'd pass on a shout out about 'em in case they may help you out.

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Anonymous said...

i love my label printer too. they have this new software called dymo file which works with the labelwriter and the scanner as a document management program. it's pretty neat.

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