Monday, October 23, 2006

Windows Vista and Office 2007 Intro Events

My company, NuSoft Solutions, is teaming up with MicrosoftMax Training, and ASAP Software to put on a day-long event covering Windows Vista and Office 2007.  The event is free and lunch is provided, so it may be worth your day to head over to one of the events in Cincinnati on 28 November or Cleveland on 30 November.

Register by following either link above, or call Todd Davis at (248) 813-7200 x264.

The Vista and Office 2007 sessions are presented by two of NuSoft's practice managers, Jason Clishe and Adam Wilburn, plus you'll also get to hear Steven Haack, Microsoft's Strategic Security Advisor give a keynote address on various security matters.

Obviously I'm biased about this event, but I think it's a terrific opportunity to get exposed to some terrific technology and ask questions of very sharp folks.  (Plus there's free lunch...)

There are going to be a significant number of events like these coming up as the launch for Vista and the entire Office line nears.  You may have caught my earlier rant about keeping ownership of your career.  Events like this are a great part of keeping yourself current -- and finding out how to pitch cool technology to your bosses so they'll understand there's a significant return on investment for moving along with such things.  (Plus you should go join a .NET group.)


Anonymous said...

Steven Haack? There's another geek Haack out there? What's his blog URL?

Jim Holmes said...

Absolutely no clue if he's got a blog.

I can pass on your contact info to him if you're interested. Let me know via e-mail.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the notice! I hope to be there.

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