Thursday, October 26, 2006

Great Presentation at Tonight's DevGroup

Two members of our .NET group, Dan Hounshell and Joe Wirtley, put on a great talk at tonight’s meeting: Real World Continuous Integration.  Dan and Joe are two very smart folks who have some great experience moving in to a CI environment for their development projects.

Their talk was nicely done with great examples and full of concise, on target content.  By far the best bits of this gig was their emphasis on the real world issues.  They talked frankly about what hadn’t worked for them and some problems they’d had to overcome — and they had plenty to talk about regarding benefits of moving to a CI process.

Terrific show, guys!  I hope you seriously think about doing that at more venues!

(Slides and code will get linked to from the DevGroup’s site within a few days.)

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