Saturday, October 28, 2006

Blog Publishing Tools

I was trying to add the badge for Windows Developer Power Tools to the sidebar of this blog and was running in to problems with's template editing "feature." This reminded me why I don't use that part of very often: it sucks.

For me, a much better interface for editing my template is w.bloggar, an neat little freeware blog interface gadget.  It edits posts, it does your template, and it’s got a bunch of nifty little features.  Supports about a billion different blog engines, so it’s got that going for it.

My general posting tool of choice is BlogJet, but I only use it more than w.bloggar because I paid for it.  BlogJet’s goofy problems with keyboard shortcuts (or lack thereof) and its inability to use alt-Key commands for the menu drives me apes#it.  I do like BlogJet’s ability to easily dive straight to the HTML — always handy when you’re trying to clean something up or get picky about formatting.

Yes, yes, there’s Windows LiveWriter too.  It’s nice and pretty, but it scatters stupid crap all over the place which is completely insane.  But it’s pretty.  Oooohhhhhh.

Update:  It appears the latest version of BlogJet has fixed the shortcut issues, so I sit corrected.

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Anonymous said...

If you use Firefox try the Performancing Extension. I stopped using other blogging software since I started using Performancing.

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