Sunday, August 21, 2005

I'm All About World Domination

I check Technorati a couple times a month to see who's linking to me. The last check brought a funny reference from Kevin Dangoor who says I'm "seeking World Domination" with the .NET Developers Group I've started. World Domination? Hell, I'd settle for my five-year old going to bed without a fight. Still, his "opening volley" of items desired in a Users Group looks like a good list. I'd add to it, but I've got my daughter to get ready for bed and the rest of my world takeover to plan. Busy day, you know.

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Kevin Dangoor said...

Our two-year-old tends to keep me busy enough outside of my work hours to quash any world domination plans on my end.

In fact, things are busy enough that I couldn't even imagine putting the amount of time that you had put into your user group!

My activity so far has been to start a google group, send out a few emails and make a couple of phone calls.

Good luck with the bedtime routine. I'm sure we have that to look forward to in a couple of years!

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