Thursday, August 25, 2005

Great Parenting Book

I’d meant to write about this when I read the book last year, but never got around to it.  (Uhh… Besides, I wasn’t blogging then.)  Confessions of a Slacker Mom by Muffy Mead-Ferro really is a terrific read for just about any parent.  What makes it such a great read is that, despite its title, it’s not a snarky, sarcastic commentary on the sad state of parenting these days.  Rather it’s a calmly written short book full of stories on what used to be common sense parenting.

It’s something Dr. John Rosemond might have before he went mental and turned into a mean, scathing columnist.  (Chill, Dude!)

A review on sums the book up pretty well.  Paraphrasing now: Don’t waste so much time and money on useless crap, don’t spoil your kids, have a life of your own, and listen to your instincts.

There’s another point not listed by that reviewer: Don’t overprotect your kids.  It’s good for them to figure out the world has sharp edges.  Cuts, bruises, and the occasional broken bone, while heart-breaking, aren’t fatal.  My buddy Josh and I were talking last night on some childhood incidents.  One tale involved a bike jump off a levee of the Sacramento river and ended up with that kid getting a nasty concussion.  That kid went on to accomplish a thing or or two.  Another story included a broken tree branch, a long concrete screw, and a trip to the emergency room for stiches 1/2” away from the eyeball.  The recipient of those stiches has since moved on to pretty good things as well, so I’d say a few knocks don’t have horrible, awful long-term effects.

In any case, the book’s really a good read for current and future parents.  Chill folks, you don’t need that baby wipe warmer.


Drew Robbins said...

I'm staying away from you two. Your both dangerous. ;)

Jim Holmes said...

Dangerous? Those stories weren't dangerous. Let me tell you about the incident with a glass test tube, flour, and a firecracker.

Well, maybe I better not. My kids might read my blog at some point, and they both need to figure out their own stupid stuff.

Anonymous said...

I met Rosemond last week. He's insane, wrong and hateful.

He's also from another era, and it aint a good one.

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