Monday, December 29, 2014

You Broke My Code? It's My Fault

I was having a conversation with a few smart folks a couple weeks ago and one of them mentioned a great mindset their organization has: “You broke my code? It’s my fault–I didn’t have the right tests in place.”

Step back and think about for a minute.

This quip really set me back on my heels. If you’ve read anything of mine over the years, you know how I feel about taking responsibility for one’s code and one’s tests. This organization’s mindset of owning the responsibility for bullet-proofing your own code with great tests is terrific.

It’s one thing (a great thing!) to step up to the plate and be serious about getting testing ingrained in your delivery process. It’s a serious elevation to get a mindset where every developer takes it personally when someone else breaks their code.

“You broke my code? I needed more tests.” What a great mindset.

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