Monday, December 15, 2014

Hire me!

I'm open for work!
Last week I parted ways with Falafel Software. They’re a great bunch of folks, but we weren’t a good match culturally or philosophically. That’s absolutely OK, and we parted on good terms. I’m happy to continue recommending them and calling them friends.
That means, however, that I’m open and available for new opportunities! I’m actively looking for work as an independent consultant, or for any full-time spots where organizations think I might be helpful.
What sort of things can I help you with? I’m passionate about helping organizations deliver great value to their customers, regardless of whether those customers are external or internal. I’ve helped teams build out their testing skills (not just test automation, but overall testing), smooth out quality issues impacting their organizations, and cut out waste throughout their delivery cycle.
That may sound a bit hand-wavy to you, so for more details check out my LinkedIn profile, visual resume, or more “traditional” (eg ‘non-gonzo’)resume.
Want to chat about things in more detail? I’d love to talk with you! Drop me an email at my new Indie digs:

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