Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tech Night: ASP.Net MVC Framework

Quick Solutions puts on monthly Tech Nights which are open to all interested folks.  Tech Nights are not sales events -- they're put on by geeks, for geeks.

This month's event will cover the ASP.Net MVC Framework.  Tim Wingfield will be discussing what the MVC framework's about, why you should care, and how to go about running with it.

If you're not familiar with the goodness of the MVC/MVP approach to cutting code, you really should attend.  MVC/MVP is a fantastic way of improving your software's flexibility, maintainability, and testability.

If you are familiar with MVC/MVP then you ought to attend and see what's new, as well as lending your $0.02 from your experiences.

Details on the event:

Where: QSI Training Center
    440 Polaris Parkway, Suite 500
When:      Wednesday, March 26, 2008
    5:30 – 7:00 p.m.
RSVP: Natalie Marsch --  nmarsch AT quicksolutions DOT com

You can also ping me via the contact link on the right sidebar of my blog.


Rich36 said...

Bah. Same night as the Dayton .NET meeting. Any chance we can get that talk in Dayton later on? It's definitely a topic I'd like to see there.

sillyevar said...

My long distance contribute:

MonoRail :)

Jim Holmes said...

@Rich36: Poof! It's in the queue!

We'll have Tim over to Dayton sometime in the summer. Keep an eye on for more news.

Rich Reuter said...

Great! I also noticed that the talk's being done at the Day of .NET but I'll hold out until it comes to Dayton.

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