Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Blogroll Shoutout

The folks at NuSoft Solutions where I worked for a short bit have made some of their blogs publicly available.  NuSoft has a bunch of smart folks and I’m glad to see they’re rolling out a public facing site.  I tried fighting for a public blog while I was there but got no traction, but I was the new kid on the block and was in Cincinnati far away from the rest of the collective.  I’m really glad to see that Chris Woodruff got the project pushed forward!

In any case, you might pay attention to that set of blogs!

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Anonymous said...


You weren't the only one to push for that. We had them at SageStone (who was acquired by NuSoft) and they slowly died. We pushed to get new ones, but got push back to do that. I'm glad we finally got it up as well!

Thanks for the plug.


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