Monday, June 25, 2007

Team Foundation Server and Working Offline

I’m running into all kinds of pain working offline with TFS.  Loads of pain.  Absolut vodka and Camel cigarette kinds of pain.  The Team Foundation Foundation Server Power Toy is quite a help, but still not a complete salve.  Working offline is a LOT harder than it needs to be. 

Good resources on dealing with working offline include Buck Hodges’ blog on the PowerToy, the Team System blog (the post’s light on depth), and John Robbins’ method which uses MSBuild to snarf out all binding info from the solution.

I realize it’s v1.0 of TFS, but working offline should not be such a complete PITA.  Offline use is not some weird edge case; it’s a regular occurance by a large percentage of the developer community.  I hope there will be some non-kludgy fixes quickly released.

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Anonymous said...

I actually have a way to make this *much* easier. I should be able to blog it tonight.

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