Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More Regarding Offline Work With TFS

Dave Donaldson read my whiny post about the friction I’ve got with TFS and working offline.  Dave details his solution to the issue on his blog, and as always with Dave, it’s a smart way to get work done.

One additional step you should take to make working offline smoother, particularly if you’re a fan of working in small iterations: Set up an offline repository so you can keep your small changes checked in and maintain a working system as you go. 

I used TortoiseSVN to create a local Subversion repository, so now I’ve got TFS for the online stuff and Subversion for my offline safety net.  If that’s not ironic then I’m not sure what is…

(Note that with TortoiseSVN you don’t need the full Subversion installation to get a working repository going.  Just use TortoiseSVN’s “Create Repository Here” context menu option to set up a repository in an empty folder.)

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