Sunday, May 20, 2007

Back from West Michigan DODN

Chris Woodruff did a helluva great job organizing the West Michigan Day of .NET.

There were a lot of great sessions, including a terrific one on Rhino.Mocks by Chris Brandsma.  I breeze through Rhino in my Open Source Test Tools gig, but Chris really got into the depths of Rhino and showed some tricky stuff like mocking events.  I’m going to steal a few bits of his concepts to refactor my own coverage of Rhino in future gigs.

I gave my OS Test Tools talk and also Real World SharePoint where I talk a bit about some of the hard knocks I’ve been through with a couple MOSS projects.  (Actually, it’s hard knocks learned from a bit of my work and lot of Rus’s work when I used to be at NuSoft…)

Materials from the event will be posted up shortly at its site.

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Chris Brandsma said...

Hi Jim,

Nice to meet you there. And have at the slides. Always glad to help.

Chris Brandsma

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