Wednesday, February 23, 2005

James Lileks

I don't read enough of James Lileks's blog. Lileks really knows how to put a word or two together. An example from a caption of his dog and his infant daughter: "Jasper has come to appreciate Natalie, if only because any dog would appreciate anyone who has a pants full of ordure half the time. In dog terms, that's the equivalent of being a good conversationalist." Lileks is also a plithy, sometimes scathing, but always intelligent commenter on society. A recent Newsweek/MSNBC article on poor supermoms resulted in this fine piece of work from Lileks. (Scroll down to the section "Took a brief walk".) On a side note, I've always detested Newsweek because I think they're little more than People magazine attempting to repackage dreck as newsworthy. The referenced article uses "alacitry" in its second sentence. Any decent hack knows using "alacitry" in the lede is pompous. (Almost as pompous as my use of "hack" and "lede" in an attempt to show I'm some sort of journalist, which I'm happy to say I'm not. But back to Lileks. Give his "Bleat" a shot and see what you think. It's worth the trip.

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