Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Checked Exception in C#

I was writing code in Java before I got exposure to C#. One of the many things about C# that drives me nuts is the lack of checked exceptions. This article at Artima Developer's website has a nice interview with Anders Hejlsberg, the C# design team leader. He makes some very interesting points about why exceptions aren't checked in C#. I don't agree with all of the reasons, but it's good reading all the same. What I especially like is that Anders says his team remained "neutral" on checking until a better solution is known. Now there's a concept: avoid implementing something until you know you've got a need for it and you know you're going to get it right (or mostly right). As extreme programmers would say, YAGNI. I wish I could give a hat tip to the site where I found this article referenced. Sorry!

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