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Succeeding at Titanfall 2: The Titans

[NOTE: One in a series of posts on my Titanfall 2 experience. Find the intro article with links to others here.]

Here’s some thoughts on things relating to Titans.

A Bit on Some Titan Kits

Warpfall Transmitter: I use this exclusively. Sure, Dome Shield is nice, but I have crushed a crapload of Titans, pilots, and enemy units via the fast fall feature.

Assault Chip: Don’t. Just. Don’t. It’s a waste of offensive power. Yes, your Enhanced Titan can use the extra abilities, but frankly it never works out as well as you remaining in your Titan and going ham on your opponents. Moreover, if you use this Kit in Last Titan Standing or Titan Brawl then you’re telling your teammates, very obviously, that you’re not paying very close attention to what’s needed to win. Don’t be that guy or gal. I say this as somebody who used to be that guy.

Stealth Auto-Eject: Same. Goosing pilots (shooting them out of the sky) doesn’t seem to be as big a thing in TF2 as it was in TF1. Ergo, you really don’t need to be stealthed, and you’re much better off choosing exactly when to eject on your own. Therefore you’re using a Kit slot for something that may happen half of one percent of the times you eject. (I totes made up that number.)

The Titans

Monarch: Just fun fun fun to play. Great at mid-range, some sniping works if you’re good although the XO–16 isn’t the most accurate at long range. Plus, the Energy Thief execution is freaking awesome. Seeing your titan bitch slap another titan on the way to its demise? Freaking beautiful.

If I’m playing Attrition or similar I’ll use Overcore, Energy Thief, Arc Rounds, Fast Rearm, and Chassis. For Frontier Defense I use Nuke Eject, Energy Thief, Energy Transfer, Maelstrom, and Accelerator.

Legion: Big, slow lard ass with a gatling gun. I love it. Great gun which works really well for sniping with the long range shot selected. The Power Shot is awesome for killing pilots in a single blast, although I find it’s much more accurate in long range mode versus up close. (The “Y” toggle thing.) For Attrition, etc. I’ll use Turbo Engine and Hidden Compartment for its extra power shot, even though there’s a 15% drop in damage per shot. For Bounty Hunt I’ll use Extra Ammo and Overcore—because I want lots of lead flying at Remnant enemies, and Smart Core is freaking awesome at racking up money. For Frontier Defense I’ll use Nuke Eject and Hidden Compartment, although I’m at AEGIS level 20 now so I get all kits…

Northstar: I tend to not play this Titan except in Frontier Defense. It’s fun, but I just don’t aim well enough or quickly enough to make sniping with it fun. I miss a lot, which gets frustrating. For Frontier Defense I use Nuke Eject and Enhanced Payload. As mentioned elsewhere, I’m trying Piercing Rounds, but that doesn’t seem to do all that much for me.

Scorch: Flame on! This is my go-to Titan when the opposing team has someone dashing around being a jackass in a Ronin. The Scorch’s flame shield wrecks Ronins in a hurry. Also does Reapers in quite nicely. If you’re playing Frontier Defense on Drydock, make sure someone on your team has a Scorch, because round four has 21 Arc Titans and a Scorch or two are the best way to ruin those annoying little shits’ day. Standard load out: Turbo Engine, Wildfire Launcher. For Frontier Defense swap Nuke Eject for Turbo Engine.

Ion: Not my favorite Titan, as I have lots of trouble trying to balance energy use. Effectively for me this means I’m rarely able to use the Laser Shot.

Frickin Lasers
Frickin “Lasers”

Standard load out: Turbo Engine, Zero-Point Tripwire. For Frontier Defense Nuke Eject, Refraction Lens.

Tone: Second least-favorite Titan. I just don’t play it well. I see people destroy with it; that’s just not me. I do better in FD mode where you get a better splash damage as you AEGIS level up. Standard load out: Turbo Engine, Rocket Barrage. For Frontier Defense Nuke Eject and Burst Loader.

Ronin: I hate this Titan with a passion. First, I don’t play it all that well. It’s just not my style of play. I got mine up to Gen 12 just to prove to myself I could play it even though I hate the little shitpile. Second, it’s overpowered and far too fast. This means you get teammates who are punk jackass fucktards flying around the map, rarely shooting at anything, then dashing in to steal that Titan kill you’d been working so hard on. Then they’ll phase shift/dash away leaving you with your bare ass hanging out in the wind with the newly dead opponent’s now pissed off team mates looking to take Fist of God retribution on your nasty soon-to-be-dead-and-stinking carcass because you’re there in the neighborhood and that punk-ass Ronin’s traipsing about somewhere else looking for another kill to steal. When facing a Ronin you’ll find it meandering across a long straight, blocking nearly all of your damage with Sword Block while creeping inexorably close to you in order to slash you and your Titan to ribbons like Jack The Ripper on a bad hair day.

In Last Titan Standing an average is 10K damage points per kill. That generally shows you’re working well with your weapons and doing solid contributions. It’s not uncommon to see some little rat bastard running around with a Ronin stealing kills from everyone on the team and finishing the match with nine kills and 20,000 damage points. Screw. Them.

God, I hate the Ronin. I hate it so much that I’d be lost in indecision if given the choice between kicking Paul Krugman or the designers of the Ronin in the goolies.

Unfortunately, the Titanfall folks haven’t nerfed the Ronin by this point means they’re likely not going to.

I don’t play Ronin any more. When I did general load out was Turbo Engine and Thunderstorm.

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