Monday, April 06, 2015

Visual Resume Template

Some time ago I posted about my visual resume. I think visual resumes are a great way to show off things you’re proud of in your career, so I started passing mine around together with my traditional resume.
Jim Holmes Visual Resume
More recently, someone asked if I’d put my resume out as a template, so I did! It’s a Visio file, and you can find it here on GitHub. I released it under Creative Commons CC0 which means, I think, you’re fine to do whatever you want with it.
Just don’t plagarize my stuff as your stuff. Other than that, I wish you well!


cook oliver said...

i have almost the same idea 2 years ago, and wrote a blog for it( its written in chinese)

except that i think resumes should shows dynamic by timeline

also those details could be expand by viewer if they have interesting while hide defaultly

aliya seen said...

Well done job. I have a site for youngsters who wants to secure a bright future for them . This site new rn resume will surely help them.

Romilda Gareth said...

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Toni Sofin said...

This is a good resume and today visual resume is very popular. My friend, who works at, says that they create good resumes, not only visual summary, also standard resume.

Amy Huges said...

Great template! I'd also suggest website personal. There are a lot of great templates, samples, and tips on how to ace an interview and land a job.


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