Saturday, September 10, 2011

Slides From Effective Distributed Teams Talk (Philly Day of Agile)

I’ve posted the slides from my Effective Distributed Teams talk at the Philadelphia Day of Agile up to SpeakerDeck.

Feedback on this session was extremely polarized. A few attendees felt I spent too much time covering forming the teams and what tools to look in to versus walking through specific problems around processes with distributed teams. That’s highly useful feedback and I’m considering how to possibly refactor part of the talk.

The other side of the feedback coin was extremely satisfying – there was a group of ten or so folks in the session who were highly interactive. I love these kinds of sessions where the audience dives in to the discussion with some questions and things they’ve been through. I got some wonderful input from a couple different attendees on how to get past cultural and language barriers, plus folks were great about sharing their own experiences with distributed teams.

I greatly enjoyed the chance to speak with the group, and I hope most folks got something out of it!

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