Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Examples from Unit Testing 101 Talk

I’ve given my Unit Testing 101 talk several times in the past month or two. I really love this talk because it’s fun to give and it’s obviously something I’m more than a little passionate about. It’s also a lot of fun because, unlike the majority of my talks, I’m spending the majority of the talk writing code. I don’t get to do that anywhere near enough in my day job, so it’s a kick to go do it while gabbing with community hommies!

You can find the before and after VS 2010 solutions here on my site. The “slide deck” is really a Prezi which you can find online here.

Tools used

  • NUnit – the test framework I wrote all the tests in
  • Rhino.Mocks – the framework I demonstrated for mocking out dependencies
  • ReSharper – Gives me a test runner, quick templates, and scads of other goodies
  • CodeRush – Another productivity tool for a runner and tons of other joy
  • AutoHotkey – Enables the next tool
  • JP Boodhoo’s BDD AutoHotKey script – makes it easy to write test_cases_with_underscores

References I mentioned at the end of my talk:


Thanks to everyone who attended my talks, particularly the great folks at MIGANG – that’s one of the best interactive audiences I’ve had in years!

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