Friday, January 22, 2010

Making DevExpress & ReSharper Play Nicely

I use both DevExpress’s IDETools and JetBrains ReSharper on my dev boxes. Why? Because I’m a tool whore. That and I like different pieces of both of them. DevExpress gives me awesome visualization, and R# gives me awesome other stuff.

Here’s my quick steps to making them play nicely together in VS 2008:

  1. Install DevExpress tools first
  2. Install ReSharper
  3. Start VS, fill out license info as you’re prompted
  4. Tell ReSharper to use R#/IntelliJ key mappings
  5. Disable DevExpress options I don’t like
    1. DevExpress | Options
    2. Set Level to Expert (lower left corner of dialog)
    3. Editor | Auto Complete | Intellassist | Setup | clear Enabled checkbox (I like R# completion better)
    4. Editor | Auto Complete | Intellassist |Parens & Brackets | clear both options for Smart Parens and Smart Brackets (I’ve always had grief with these conflicting, so I shut ‘em off)
    5. Editor | Clipboard | Smart Cut(Copy) | clear Enabled (Plain ol’ VS copy/cut/paste works for me)
    6. IDE | Shortcuts | search for Ctrl-B (PasteReplaceWord) | clear Enabled (I use Ctrl-B in R# to go to definition)
    7. IDE | Shortcuts | search for Ctrl-Alt-F (QuickFileNav modal) | clear Enabled (I use this shortcut in R# for formatting code. R# gives me Crtl-N and Ctrl-Shift-N for type/file nav)
  6. Force ReSharper once more to use its shortcuts. ReSharper | Options | General | Visual Studio Integration | Restore ReSharper keyboard shortcuts | ReSharper 2.0 or IntelliJ IDEA | Apply

These are MY preferences, but it’s what works for me.

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