Monday, March 16, 2009

April Speaking Gigs

I’ve got a semi-busy April lined up with talks at three events in the region:

4 April: .NET University in Grand Rapids, MI. I’m really pushing my own comfort zone by giving an extended workshop on .NET Fundamentals (200 level). Being the non-conformist I am I’ll be diverting lots of it to discuss my views on Lean, craftsmanship, and general software development lifecycle. Plus, being the tool whore I am, I’ll talk about all kinds of gadgets and widgets. Hopefully I’ll still have a few left in the audience by the time I’m done…

18 April: Central Ohio Day of .NET in Wilmington, OH. I’ll be doing a session on Acceptance Testing with Selenium.

25 April: Kalmazoo X Conference in, wait for it, Kalamazoo, MI. Michael Eaton and friends were foolish enough to give me a podium for my Leadership 101 talk plus my Three Tips for Improving Your Development Process gig.

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