Saturday, August 30, 2008

CodeMash News: Two Keynoters Lined Up!

We've got two amazing keynoters already lined up for CodeMash: Mads Torgersen, the Language PM for the C# team at Microsoft, and Venkat Subramaniam, an internationally recognized Agile mentor and author.

I'm very excited about both of these guys being at the keynoter platform at CodeMash. They both bring a great level of expertise to the stage, and they've both got exactly the right open, pragmatic, conversant attitude that is so critical to CodeMash's success.

You can read a bit more about the two at the CodeMash Google Group.


Luc said...

I (personally) may be coming to CodeMash as an attendee this year. More news to follow next week... but dog-gone-it, I'll be there!! :)

Unknown said...

Sounds great. Thanks for the hard work.

Tim said...

Been wanting to see Venkat for some time now, this is great.

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