Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Fixing Oddities in Omea Reader

I use Omea Reader for reading my blog and newsgroup lists.  It's free, it's handy, it's powerful, it's offline so I can read my blogroll while I'm driving back and forth to Columbus for work.  Just kidding, folks.  Really.

A couple weeks ago all the lists in Omea's views and feeds lists showed up as duplicates.  Ugh.  Furthermore, the "Unread" view flat out wasn't working, meaning I needed to troll through a whole lot of junk when I just wanted to see new posts.  Ugh.

Easy fix: run "dbrepair.exe" from Omea's folder under Program Files.  First back up your Omea files (local data folder in your user folder), then run "dbrepair.exe /fix" to repair any busted links, clean up the indices, and do a lot of other general repair.

Poof!  Everything's back nice and shiny.


Steve Horn said...

Did you see that they open-sourced it?


Justin Kohnen said...

"nice and shiny" please tell me you're quoting "Serenity."

"Nice and shiny captain. No need to fret"

If so JimsGeekPoints += 2 ;)

Glad you worked out your problem.

Jim Holmes said...

@Steve: yep, saw it's now open source. No clue how that will impact the package -- but it's been weak support for a year or more anyway.

@Justin: Is there any other show? (BSG excepted, of course.)

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