Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Great Addition To The Team

Steve Harman's joined our AppDev team at Quick Solutions, the great place I drive 2.5 hours back and forth to work at. Steve is a wicked smart guy, passionate about all things techie, and a great proponent of open source tools.

Matt and I were joking that the AppDev team is quickly becoming filled up with folks that are a lot smarter than us -- and that's a Good Thing. It's great to be a part of a team where I can turn to any number of resources for answers on the vast number of things I don't know.

Quick is always looking for folks to add to our team, either on the staffing side or on the AppDev team. Drop me a note via the contact link on my sidebar if you're interested in talking with us.

(And our "staffing side" is a much, much different business model than other companies. We actually back up promises of mentoring and training, and the employee owner environment of Quick is unlike any other place I've worked.)

I'm really, REALLY looking forward to working with Steve, and not just because he can tidy up all the crappy code I've written.

Update: Fixed busted URLs. Something seems to have changed at Blogspot and now I'm forced to qualify URLs with "http://" instead of just the site. Feh.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence Jim... but you're making my keyboard blush. :)

Seriously though, I'm really looking forward to working with all of the wicked-smart folks at Quick - especially those individuals as driven and passionate as yourself. And who knows... maybe I'll even get to learn a thing or three along the way... except for SharePoint, I'll leave that to you!

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