Sunday, February 04, 2007

VPC Woes

I’m rapidly becoming less and less enamored with Virtual PC.  I used VMWare Workstation for a number of years both on Linux as well as Windows and loved its speed and stability.  VPC?  Not so much.

At least three times in the last couple years I’ve completely lost VPC systems after bogus error messages like "an error occurred while processing the command line options."  I always back up data and projects to locations outside the VPCs, so I’ve not lost data or projects (or much), but the real pain has been having to spend chunks of time reinstalling and configuring the VPC again.

I never had these sorts of issues with VMWare; however, the VPC price (free via my MSDN subscription) has always been attractive.  That attractiveness is now gone, as I’m going to lose a chunk of my family time today reconstructing my environment to get back working again.  Argh.

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Brian H. Prince said...

I agree that VMware stuff is usually better. I am currently trying out the new version of Exchange 2007. Exchange requires x64, but I didn't want to put it on our servers, I wanted a sandbox. Only VMware can run guest x64 OSs, and on a x32 OS host! How awesome is that!

But for normal everyday stuff, I use VPC2007beta on Vista, it works really well for me.

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