Thursday, September 21, 2006

Despite Rumors To The Contrary, I Am Still Here

Yeesh, it's been over a week since I've blogged.  I've never had that kind of gap unless I was on vacation.

I get a bit of a pass, though, due to an absolutely hideous flu bug that knocked me on my proverbial and literal ass for five days.  I've never been konked like that, ever.   Chills, sweats, splitting headache (and I'm a vetran of migranes, so I know bad headaches), and a cough so bad I strained an eye muscle and my abs.  (OK, straining my abs isn't much considering the shape they're in...)  A tough way to lose eight pounds over a weekend.

Thankfully I'm back in good shape now except for a bit of the cough remains.

I'm in good enough shape that I'm finally busting out on a development project at work.  Whoopeee!  There wasn't really any guidance on how to head off with unit testing, so I chose my own toys and am getting to play more with MbUnit, my framework d'jour

I'm also going to be making use of dotTrace from the wicked smart folks at JetBrains, my first foray into that product.  I'm looking forward to playing around with it and learning its ins and outs.

Other nice toys I'm getting good use of:

  • Jeffrey Palermo's article "Bread and Butter Resharper", a killer guide to real-world use of ReSharper.
  • Scott Bellware's fine Code Snippets for NUnit.  Shhh.... They work just fine for many MbUnit chores.
  • GVim.  Can't stop the signal.  Vim Rulz.
  • Sql Server Management Studio.  I'm finding more and more nice things for working in this.  Nothing earth-shattering, just nice stuff.


Dan Hounshell said...

Sorry to hear that you were sick, but glad to hear that you are better :)

Michael Eaton said...


Glad you're feeling better.

Speaking of GVim, have you checked out ViEmu? All the sweetness of ViM inside Visual Studio. New version just released.

Jim Holmes said...

Mike: I've looked at VIemu, but the tarrif's not worth it for me. $70 to get a Vim emulator? Nah, too much.

Your mileage obviously varies. :)

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